Video: Rocky Journalism – Being a Reporter on a Ship (Interview)

Grit is a reporter for Deutsche Welle’s “Made In Germany” and loves to go on ships. She told me what is so special and challenging about being a reporter on a ship, right before she went on a tug boat!

The mini-interview is part of a #MadeInGermany special on Hamburg (#MadeInHamburg). Here is the entire show:


Video (German): Of Bumpers and Meatballs

What’s yummy food got to do with car production? In order for it to come out hot and just as ordered, you’ll have to do a lot of pre-planning: What color? Do you want leather seats? The tough bumper or the sporty one? The more the production process is streamlined, the cheaper the car will be.

Students at the Hasso-Plattner-Institute in Potsdam, Germany are developing software to optimize this process. And it works both in the assembly line and the kitchen!

(Deutsche Übersetzung, siehe unten)

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Take-Away: Share-Economy @ “Verbrauchermacht in der digitalen Welt” (German)


Das Panel: Share Economy – Mehrwert durch Teilen?

Am vergangenen Freitag hat die Grüne Bundestagsfraktion einen Workshop zur Share-Economy organisiert. Der WorkShop fand im Rahmen der Konferenz “Verbrauchermacht in der digitalen Welt” statt.

Hier die wichtigsten Erkenntnisse zusammengefasst:

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Video (German): Germany’s first Bitcoin-ATM

Berlin has Germany’s first Bitcoin ATM. So how does it work and uhm… what’s Bitcoin again?

Produced during my traineeship, March 2014, as co-author, cameraman and co-cutter.

In Berlin steht Deutschlands erster Bitcoin-Automat. Doch wie funktioniert der und ehm…was waren nochmal Bitcoins?
Produziert im März 2014 an der Electronic Media School, Potsdam im Rahmen meines Volontariats ( als Co-Autor, Kameramann und Co-Cutter.

A Patch of Heaven – Video Project

You would expect urban gardening projects in the hip and cool neighborhooods of Berlin, but in Wedding? Anja Manzke manages “Himmelbeet” (“patch of / in heaven”) and is getting it ready for its second season. The urban gardening project will have to show that it can last through the troubles of growing in a neglected neighborhood.The project founders have high hopes!

Max and I produced the video as part of our Praxis4 training at the EMS – Electronic Media School. His role was mostly editorial, mine was mostly camera work. Both of us did the raw editing and we had professional help for the finish.

Smartwatches: Time for the Everyday Action Heroes (German)

Teaser, English Translation:

If you want to know what time it is, do you check your wrist or pull out your cell phone? 

Embed from Getty Images

Those carrying a cell phone at all times often give up wrist watches. Yet, the larger modern smartphones grow, the more bulky they get. Now, the watch is making a comeback to the wrist as the clever, networked smartwatch. The Stiftung Warentest has tested five different smartwatches. Paul-Christian Britz on test results, tech gadgets and the dangers of increasing interconnection. Continue reading

Video: Camera Durability Test

I produced this video for Stiftung Warentest (compare to “Which?” (UK) or “Consumer Reports” (USA) during my traineeship, where I spent three months in the Press Office.

I was fascinated by how many steps a single product went through during tests and also by the kind of tests that were done. I wanted to give people an idea what a product goes through during the tests. What better way than to tell the story from the Point of View of the product itself?

Here’s the journey of a Nikon 1 AW 1 during the durability test:

Teaser (English translation):
It hurts even to look at it. Products have to endure a lot at Stiftung Warentest if they want to prove themselves. The Nikon 1 AW 1 survived the durability test. We went along on the camera’s journey.
This is where the original test is:

What Do Young Journalists Need for the Future? (audio, German)

Preparing next generation journalists

EMS_LogoNewspapers and news agencies are closing down. The media crisis has reached Germany. Still, many young people want to be journalists. The Electronic Media School in Potsdam offered a traineeship in the fall of 2013 once again. How will the head of training Michael Neugebauer prepare the next generation of future journalists? Paul-Christian Britz has found out.

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Mustafas Vegetable Döner – Is it worth it? (German)

2013-10-23 17.50.46

Making radio, 2nd try 😉

Mustafa’s Vegetable Döner is the most famous in Berlin. The waiting lines are legendary. But is the wait worth it? Paul got in the line to find out who queues up at Mustafa’s and why. (German)

Mustafa’s Gemüsedöner ist der bekannteste Döner in ganz Berlin. Die langen Warteschlangen sind legendär. Aber lohnt sich das? Paul-Christian Britz hat sich in die Schlange begeben, um herauszufinden, wer bei Mustafas ansteht und warum.

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Trial Radio Piece: What Happens to the Foliage in Fall?

Here’s another practice work sample 🙂

Fall in Potsdam
Intro: The leaves turn brown, there’s no denying fall any longer. Could be a very pretty scene, if it wasn’t for all the foliage on the streets and sidewalks. That can be pretty annoying. So I went out in Potsdam to find out what happens to all the foliage. Continue reading