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A Patch of Heaven – Video Project

You would expect urban gardening projects in the hip and cool neighborhooods of Berlin, but in Wedding? Anja Manzke manages “Himmelbeet” (“patch of / in heaven”) and is getting it ready for its second season. The urban gardening project will have to show that it can last through the troubles of growing in a neglected neighborhood.The project founders have high hopes!

Max and I produced the video as part of our Praxis4 training at the EMS – Electronic Media School. His role was mostly editorial, mine was mostly camera work. Both of us did the raw editing and we had professional help for the finish.


Video: Camera Durability Test

I produced this video for Stiftung Warentest (compare to “Which?” (UK) or “Consumer Reports” (USA) during my traineeship, where I spent three months in the Press Office.

I was fascinated by how many steps a single product went through during tests and also by the kind of tests that were done. I wanted to give people an idea what a product goes through during the tests. What better way than to tell the story from the Point of View of the product itself?

Here’s the journey of a Nikon 1 AW 1 during the durability test:

Teaser (English translation):
It hurts even to look at it. Products have to endure a lot at Stiftung Warentest if they want to prove themselves. The Nikon 1 AW 1 survived the durability test. We went along on the camera’s journey.
This is where the original test is:

Video (German): Drumming for a job

The story of a young girl trying to find her way into the job market through a drumming project.

I authored this video during an internship at Südwestrundfunk, a public broadcaster in Mainz.
There’s also a German script

Limits of imagination bandwidth

I’ve been shamefully silent lately… necessary consequence of finishing my studies, which unfortunately requires me to study for exams ;).

However, I wanted to share this little piece with you because a) it’s stunning and b) it’s funny… and it’s clever advertisement, too 😉 Continue reading

Backing Up Election Results

Tonight’s Gonna Be a Hot Night…

studio Landtagswahl Rheinland-Pfalz

pc britz in the SWR studio for the state elections

… I thought when I entered the Landtag of Mainz last night – election night for the state of Rhineland-Palatinate (RP) and Baden-Wuerttemberg (BW) – to help out at the SWR studio for the TV show. Still I was surprised by the heat (literally and metaphorically) of the heat this night would bring.

The election was a major win to the Green party, so big they were even surprised themselves. It looks like they will form a coalition with the traditionally strong Social Democrats in RP. Continue reading

Internationally Published Photographer: ME! ;)

One picture in three different greek programs / papers. They actually managed three different (wrong) ways of crediting me. © pcbritz 😉

Ok, here’s to blatant self-promotion! Hey, when do you ever get to see your own photos in a magazine you can’t even read? 😉 Continue reading

“Numerologist Predicts Past!”

From the “failed ads” section:

Numerologist #Fail!

I was confronted with this ad in my Gmail account tonight.

In case you are wondering: Tonight is the night of the 19th of February 2011 ;).

So how much trust would you put (if you would put any in the first place) in a Numerologist who predicts your past?

From the “When Ads Backfire” Section

Bearded Politics on Bill Boards

It’s mid-February in Rhineland-Palatinate (RP) and political campaigning is on a high with state elections just one month away (they will be held on March 27th).
As usual, this is also a great time to have fun with political campaign ads, mostly failed campaign ads 😉

politics with or without beard? ©pcbritz

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Native Americans in Maps – Thesis Topic #6 Research Proposal

“Getting the Natives off the Map”

This is one of the expansions on a post called “What’s Your Thesis”?, in which I list several possible topics for my masters thesis.
Update: I got my thesis on the reinvention of reporting approved by my mentor on Nov. 30th! Work on the topic can now start! See for example the resource collection “Readings in Digital Journalism

How do you get Natives off the map?

The question sounds like the beginning of a bad joke… but sadly, it is part of American history!

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Tracing the Story – Meet Rosa!

Who’s That Girl?

Usually a photojournalist sets out to report a story, a story that is told and illustrated by images. But it doesn’t always work that way. Some times the images come first and only later you realize they make a story… Continue reading