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A Patch of Heaven – Video Project

You would expect urban gardening projects in the hip and cool neighborhooods of Berlin, but in Wedding? Anja Manzke manages “Himmelbeet” (“patch of / in heaven”) and is getting it ready for its second season. The urban gardening project will have to show that it can last through the troubles of growing in a neglected neighborhood.The project founders have high hopes!

Max and I produced the video as part of our Praxis4 training at the EMS – Electronic Media School. His role was mostly editorial, mine was mostly camera work. Both of us did the raw editing and we had professional help for the finish.

Video: Camera Durability Test

I produced this video for Stiftung Warentest (compare to “Which?” (UK) or “Consumer Reports” (USA) during my traineeship, where I spent three months in the Press Office.

I was fascinated by how many steps a single product went through during tests and also by the kind of tests that were done. I wanted to give people an idea what a product goes through during the tests. What better way than to tell the story from the Point of View of the product itself?

Here’s the journey of a Nikon 1 AW 1 during the durability test:

Teaser (English translation):
It hurts even to look at it. Products have to endure a lot at Stiftung Warentest if they want to prove themselves. The Nikon 1 AW 1 survived the durability test. We went along on the camera’s journey.
This is where the original test is:

Video (German): Drumming for a job

The story of a young girl trying to find her way into the job market through a drumming project.

I authored this video during an internship at Südwestrundfunk, a public broadcaster in Mainz.
There’s also a German script

Limits of imagination bandwidth

I’ve been shamefully silent lately… necessary consequence of finishing my studies, which unfortunately requires me to study for exams ;).

However, I wanted to share this little piece with you because a) it’s stunning and b) it’s funny… and it’s clever advertisement, too 😉 Continue reading

Backing Up Election Results

Tonight’s Gonna Be a Hot Night…

studio Landtagswahl Rheinland-Pfalz

pc britz in the SWR studio for the state elections

… I thought when I entered the Landtag of Mainz last night – election night for the state of Rhineland-Palatinate (RP) and Baden-Wuerttemberg (BW) – to help out at the SWR studio for the TV show. Still I was surprised by the heat (literally and metaphorically) of the heat this night would bring.

The election was a major win to the Green party, so big they were even surprised themselves. It looks like they will form a coalition with the traditionally strong Social Democrats in RP. Continue reading

Internationally Published Photographer: ME! ;)

One picture in three different greek programs / papers. They actually managed three different (wrong) ways of crediting me. © pcbritz 😉

Ok, here’s to blatant self-promotion! Hey, when do you ever get to see your own photos in a magazine you can’t even read? 😉 Continue reading

“Numerologist Predicts Past!”

From the “failed ads” section:

Numerologist #Fail!

I was confronted with this ad in my Gmail account tonight.

In case you are wondering: Tonight is the night of the 19th of February 2011 ;).

So how much trust would you put (if you would put any in the first place) in a Numerologist who predicts your past?