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“Numerologist Predicts Past!”

From the “failed ads” section:

Numerologist #Fail!

I was confronted with this ad in my Gmail account tonight.

In case you are wondering: Tonight is the night of the 19th of February 2011 ;).

So how much trust would you put (if you would put any in the first place) in a Numerologist who predicts your past?


How To: Filter Emails in Gmail by Groups

Filtering has become one of the core elements of any research online. This includes Email.
I gather all my mail in my Gmail account, so strong filters are quite essential to do effective work. It allows you to consider the level of importance a message might have.

i Google u bing?

Gmail and Google Labs, unfortunately do not (yet) offer an integrated feature that allows to filter Emails by groups (for example co-workers, friends, business contacts). However, there’s a work around…

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The Day I Sold My Soul – To Google

Confession of a Control Freak

“No, I will not join Facebook! There’s enough data of me out there”

I’m in control. I know where my information is.

My personal data is secure and neither Microsoft nor other evil corporations will get it!

Well, that’s how it used to be!

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