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Make the Most of Free Data – How to Be a Data Journalist

Data! Come out come out wherever you are! © pcbritz

Today, on March 12th,  is “World Day against Cyber Censorship“,  a day to fight for online freedom of expression and the free exchange of information.

While the Cyber Censorship day was launched by Reporters without Borders in 2008 in order to fight censorship and allow free information and data worldwide, I present you with two “How-tos” today that will help you to take the next step:

Make the most of the data that has become available!

1. How to be a Data Journalist: Continue reading


New Submissions!

Today I am a happy editor! I received creative writing submissions I did not ask for!!

As some of you may know, I am editor-in-chief of HOWL Magazine, Continue reading

Information Placebo

Is Free Any Good? In Print?
For five weeks I have been receiving Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) for free. The weird thing is that since I get a printed paper, my online news reading time has gone down. While I am also working three jobs, there’s something else at work here:

The Placebo Effect:
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Freelance Writing, The Press Pass and the Art of Getting “In”

The A-B-P of Passing for a Journalist

“So you’re a journalist, eh? Can you prove that?”

Does that question sound familiar to you?
I’ve heard it numerous times since I am a freelance writer for a local newspaper here in Germany. And I have been denied access to places and information that would have been relevant to my reporting, mostly when I was onto a story that was not an assignment. There are several tricks you can try, but none of them are foolproof:

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The Art of Missing (news) – Can Newspapers Afford it?

Monday night, “Lobo-Night”, two worlds that rarely meet clashed (and united) in a concrete paper storage basement of Rhein-Zeitung Continue reading

Los Twitteros – The Thrill of Crime and Journalism

Isn’t it interesting? Just when I found a way to keep myself involved (and I mean like really really into it involved) with my internship – it ends 😉

Friday was my last day at the “Mainzer Rhein-Zeitung“. I’ll continue to write of course, but no more non-payed work from now.

So how did I manage to get so much fun out of this internship? Continue reading

If Gutenberg lived for one day…

What if Johannes Gutenberg, the good ol’ Johnny G. was still alive?
Yesterday, his statue was brought back to his home city: Mainz, Germany – only one day after the 542nd anniversary of his death.

What would you tell Johnny, if he was alive today? Since I’m still interning RZMainz (this is my last week), I asked their followers what they would tell the inventor of the printing press:

Read the full article in German:

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The first rule of Journalism is: YOU and your opinion don’t matter crap!

The first rule of Journalism is: YOU and your opinion don’t matter crap!
The second rule of Journalism is: YOU and your opinion don’t matter crap!
The third rule of Journalism is: News articles don’t tell a story.
The forth rule of Journalism is: News articles are told from important to unimportant with higher density on the important, more depth on the unimportant issues.

Amen? No, read more!

Users Determine the Future of TV – The Future is Now

Resurfaced (skip this if all you care about is the article)

it’s been a while. I’ve been busy a good deal since I’m back from Seattle.
I’m interning at the overregional newspaper Rhein-Zeitung, spent two weeks in the Social Media department of their headquarters in Koblenz. Now that university has started, I’m back in Mainz, at the local office of Rhein-Zeitung, hoping to get their Social Media going here as well. I’ve been attending many interesting lectures and events about media and the future of news lately as well.

Recently, I got a chance to combine my efforts in New Media and Social media – and wrote an article about it. Sorry for those who don’t speak German!

Users Determine the Future of TV:

(Find the published article here or click )

Nutzer bestimmen Fernsehen der Zukunft

Medienunternehmen müssen sich anpassen

“Gestatten? Ich bin Nutzer, ich mache Fernsehen!” Continue reading

The 140 Character Blog – Twitter Profile: West Seattle Blog

Another Profile for UW TwitterBook!

This profile was written for the University of Washington Twitter Book according to a Case Study Template.

West Seattle Blog is a hyper local community Blog that has achieved national recognition and serves its readers updates from “the hood” 24/7/365. The community voice has found its way onto Twitter.

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