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Video: Rocky Journalism – Being a Reporter on a Ship (Interview)

Grit is a reporter for Deutsche Welle’s “Made In Germany” and loves to go on ships. She told me what is so special and challenging about being a reporter on a ship, right before she went on a tug boat!

The mini-interview is part of a #MadeInGermany special on Hamburg (#MadeInHamburg). Here is the entire show:


Video: Camera Durability Test

I produced this video for Stiftung Warentest (compare to “Which?” (UK) or “Consumer Reports” (USA) during my traineeship, where I spent three months in the Press Office.

I was fascinated by how many steps a single product went through during tests and also by the kind of tests that were done. I wanted to give people an idea what a product goes through during the tests. What better way than to tell the story from the Point of View of the product itself?

Here’s the journey of a Nikon 1 AW 1 during the durability test:

Teaser (English translation):
It hurts even to look at it. Products have to endure a lot at Stiftung Warentest if they want to prove themselves. The Nikon 1 AW 1 survived the durability test. We went along on the camera’s journey.
This is where the original test is:

Video (German): Drumming for a job

The story of a young girl trying to find her way into the job market through a drumming project.

I authored this video during an internship at Südwestrundfunk, a public broadcaster in Mainz.
There’s also a German script

5 Good Tips for Producing TV Pieces

Last Monday, I started a reporter internship at SWR Landesschau Rheinland-Pfalz, a local (statewide) newsy TV show with a human touch at public broadcaster Südwestrundfunk (I’ve been working with them for two years now).

It’S been incredibly hard for me as – what other people would call a “digital native” to actually do online stuff within that week, but that’s another story.

For now, here are some of the best tips I gathered during the last week among authors, editors and camera people that I wanted to record: Continue reading

Carnivor Going Meatless, Day 2

Day two of my little experiement. The camera is still crappy video and it really needs a wide angle.

I’ve added a planning calendar to the equation and I’m starting to collect recipes! I’m hyped about all the recipes I can get, so let me know if you have a got one. Simply post it here or anywhere else and I’ll try it 🙂

This time, I’ve added a fade-in and fade-out, getting myself back into the basic functions of Adobe Premiere. Also, thanks to Filiz, I have found a Codec that works for YouTube with the Nokia 5800 XPressMusic. It’s the H264!

How do you improve your video skills? By taking video!

Whatever you plan to do, just start! Right now!


Video is not your strongest feature? Yeah, mine either so far…

but see the post for more 😉
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What is the Message of YouTube? Or – After the Gutenberg-Universe: The YouTube Galaxy

What is the Message of YouTube?  How will it change TV? And what does Marshall McLuhan have to do with that?

I just wrote an essay for a class in culture and media theory at the University of Mainz going into these questions. I’m deliberating what the YouTube Universe will do to classical media, its models of communication and the power relationships involved. And what the “Message” of YouTube really is.

The essay is German, but I’m sure it’ll be even more fun if you google-translate it 😉

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Crowd Funding Is a Piece of the Raft…

… of the raft that will save journalism!

After hard hours of editing and format struggles, the finished work can finally be appreciated online. Incredible what you can do with the most primitive tools! Find my Video on community funded journalism and

on youtube.

If you are curious to see the whole interview with David, check it out here:

Also take a look at how the story developed, how the question poll turned out, see my recap and what the story board for the video originally used to be.

Featured Today: ME!

Yay, I’m famous! (Oh, I’m so humble ;-))

Well, maybe not quite yet! But I’m working on it! Meanwhile, check out this interview with me. FIUTS is the Foundation of International Understanding at the University of Washington. I have volunteered there on many projects to foster international understanding. I’ve also taken pictures for them and just finished editing this video teaser for an upcoming event.I will also do a little video of the event itself.

And right now, I’m on the non-profit’s front page!

In the interview I talk about being an international student, Germany and my travel to Mexico. There’s also a number of random Q&As. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Low Effort, Low Quality, Low Value? – Video Columns and the Future of News

Do you really need more to make a good video column? YES! Good content! (photo Uwe Hermann CC licence)

Do you really need more to make a good video column? YES! Good content! (photo Uwe Hermann CC licence)

Mark Briggs compares the different make-up of video features by New York Times tech columnist David Pogue and Walter Mossberg’s video column for the Wall Street Journal. While the NYT version is highly polished, Mossberg’s column is rather… basic. Will the future of news be dominated by bad quality?

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