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Die Happy – The Portrait

“How to keep a Band together”

 Die Happy Article - Rhein-Zeitung - Kulturteil 29. Nov. 2010 On Friday, my Die Happy Portrait finally made it into the Mainzer-Rhein-Zeitung (they relaunched today, actually, check it out!!)

The article got published almost unchanged. Only the headline (originally I chose: “‘Die Happy sind ‘Survivor'”) and mainly the first paragraph were changed. Unfortunately that also led to the even suddenly happening in Mainz instead of Frankfurt, but who’s gonna look too closely, right? 😉

You can also read the full Die Happy-Interview and find out who Marta likes to go to bed with ;)!

Also, check out my photo gallery from the Die Happy concert in Frankfurt!


Die Happy – The Interview

Die Happy in Concert ©pcbritzThey just brought out their new album RedBox in September, now they are touring through Germany!

Last night, I met Die Happy in Frankfurt before their show at the “Batschkapp” and talked with them about album, tour, success in the music business, casting shows and the online world.

Bottom Line: Die Happy are “ordinary people” who have lots of fun with their music, want to be successful, but won’t jump through hoops in order to do so.

Read the full interview or check out the Video at the bottom of the post (both German) and don’t forget to check out the photo gallery from the Die Happy concert in Frankfurt! Continue reading

So what IS Google Zeitgeist?


The Google Zeitgeist?

The other day, I ran into this little graffiti while doing a night shooting in Frankfurt with a friend.

On a stone along the bank of the Main river across from the banking quarter, the words “Google: Zeitgeist” were written, which seemed a bit strange, if not to say abstruse!…

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