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If Gutenberg lived for one day…

What if Johannes Gutenberg, the good ol’ Johnny G. was still alive?
Yesterday, his statue was brought back to his home city: Mainz, Germany – only one day after the 542nd anniversary of his death.

What would you tell Johnny, if he was alive today? Since I’m still interning RZMainz (this is my last week), I asked their followers what they would tell the inventor of the printing press:

Read the full article in German:

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The first rule of Journalism is: YOU and your opinion don’t matter crap!

The first rule of Journalism is: YOU and your opinion don’t matter crap!
The second rule of Journalism is: YOU and your opinion don’t matter crap!
The third rule of Journalism is: News articles don’t tell a story.
The forth rule of Journalism is: News articles are told from important to unimportant with higher density on the important, more depth on the unimportant issues.

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Users Determine the Future of TV – The Future is Now

Resurfaced (skip this if all you care about is the article)

it’s been a while. I’ve been busy a good deal since I’m back from Seattle.
I’m interning at the overregional newspaper Rhein-Zeitung, spent two weeks in the Social Media department of their headquarters in Koblenz. Now that university has started, I’m back in Mainz, at the local office of Rhein-Zeitung, hoping to get their Social Media going here as well. I’ve been attending many interesting lectures and events about media and the future of news lately as well.

Recently, I got a chance to combine my efforts in New Media and Social media – and wrote an article about it. Sorry for those who don’t speak German!

Users Determine the Future of TV:

(Find the published article here or click )

Nutzer bestimmen Fernsehen der Zukunft

Medienunternehmen müssen sich anpassen

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The 140 Character Blog – Twitter Profile: West Seattle Blog

Another Profile for UW TwitterBook!

This profile was written for the University of Washington Twitter Book according to a Case Study Template.

West Seattle Blog is a hyper local community Blog that has achieved national recognition and serves its readers updates from “the hood” 24/7/365. The community voice has found its way onto Twitter.

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Twitter Profile: Monica Guzman

Another Profile for UW TwitterBook! Updated “Questions” section due to very timely repsonse!

This profile was written for the University of Washington Twitter Book according to a Case Study Template.

Monica Guzman is a Journalist and Blogger in Seattle. She writes the BigBlog, a Blog of the Seattle PI, a paper that successfully exists online, after its print version collapsed and was discontinued in 2009. Monica doesn’t do the job, she is the job – so many of her updates seem very personal, yet highly relevant!

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The Chapter: News Media on Twitter

You have been waiting a long time, here it is: *drumroll* My final chapter for the UW Twitter Book!

Final? Well no, no story is ever final. But this version is supposed to go in print! Hence, if you find any errors, missing links etc., please let me know! Become my editor ;-). I hope you enjoy reading:

News Media on Twitter

“Look, we are going down, brace for impact!”[1]

Passenger Jeff Kolodjay sat near the engines of the A320 bound to Charlotte, NC from New York, when a loud bang and the smell of smoke filled the cabin on January 15th 2009. He said his prayers when the captain announced the plane would hit the frigid Hudson River. All passengers survived.

Janis Krums was on a nearby passenger ferry when he witnessed the plane crash into the Hudson. He called 911, took the first snap shot of the floating plane. The picture made him famous, appearing in several news papers the following day.[2]

The first image of the “Miracle on the Hudson”, was not taken by a journalist, but by an amateur who happened to be on the scene.[3] The incident was a praise for Citizen Journalism and fed an ongoing conversation about the death of traditional [4]Journalism and News Media.

Easy access to reporting technology, Blogs and Social Media sites like Twitter has indeed created a possibility for citizens to participate in the reporting of news. But does that mean that traditional Journalism is dead?
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“Twitter Book Chapter Will Be Finished Momentarily…

… please have a little snack while you wait!”

I have been announcing it for a while now: My Twitter Chapter on News Media’s use of Twitter for the University of Washington’s Twitter Book! But where is it?
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