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Video (German): Germany’s first Bitcoin-ATM

Berlin has Germany’s first Bitcoin ATM. So how does it work and uhm… what’s Bitcoin again?

Produced during my traineeship, March 2014, as co-author, cameraman and co-cutter.

In Berlin steht Deutschlands erster Bitcoin-Automat. Doch wie funktioniert der und ehm…was waren nochmal Bitcoins?
Produziert im März 2014 an der Electronic Media School, Potsdam im Rahmen meines Volontariats ( als Co-Autor, Kameramann und Co-Cutter.


Class Notes: Government Speaker

Jeremy Bertrand, Wa State DOT, @jbertrand or @wsdot

  • WA State DOT started web2.0 on their website after heavy snowstorm for people to vent –> allowing user feedback on the agency performance
  • Eventually the blog became too busy; expansion to several other online platforms (Flickr, Twitter)
  • Traffic and weather updates became community effort: “Now, before I go internal and post an update, I check with the community”
  • By now, you can text WSDOT a certain code and they send you back road conditions for
  • “Social Media Policy”? There is no official policy. It is much more than just a rule book! Most of it is common sense
  • –> Organic growth of the community while the agency was opening up generally


If wrong: corrections will beposted, but it is very hard to correct after retweets!

  • Identity/Transperancy: Currently only two people tweeting trying to have a singular voice. Poll shows: users don’t care to know who is behind the scenes. Information vs. conversation?
  • time: about 2-3 hours a day – time is lost on looking for the external and internal websites. So the eyes are not on the bigger picture.
  • Business continuity is important: if the site can’t handle the traffic for some reason, redirect to other free services who are able to handle it.

Video-Story recap

My story is about, an online platform launched in the fall of 2008 that helps to finance journalists on certain stories by crowd funding. Crowd funding is one of the many new ways Journalists are exploring to keep Journalism alive and maintain a living. I mainly use an interview with David Cohn, the founder of to relate the company to the future of news. Continue reading

Story – boarding

Currently preparing story board for the piece on community-funded journalism. Check out David Cohn’s answers beforehand here

Story: example of crowd-funded journalism, one of new biz models.
Here goes the plan for the video with the very roughly estimated time.

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Small and Cozy Beats Commercialized

Seattle’s Coffee Culture Examined

Coffee makes Seattle go - but Seattlelitles like it cozy. ©pc britz

Coffee makes Seattle go - but Seattlelitles like it cozy. ©pc britz

For my latest audio story, I have explored Seattle’s coffee culture.
My goal was initially to tell the story of struggling coffee shops in the economic situation. While I worked on the story the focus shifted. I found it more interesting to focus on the the different kinds of coffee culture (global-commercial v. local-communal) and to show why people prefer “The Local” over Starbucks.

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