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Los Twitteros – The Thrill of Crime and Journalism

Isn’t it interesting? Just when I found a way to keep myself involved (and I mean like really really into it involved) with my internship – it ends 😉

Friday was my last day at the “Mainzer Rhein-Zeitung“. I’ll continue to write of course, but no more non-payed work from now.

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Intern? Slave? Same Thing, Different Name!

An intern’s life is hard and many have compared today’s internship system to the ancient concept of slavery.
At Filmateria, interns ARE slaves, seriously! 😉

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(Updated) Notes on Social Media

I’m starting my Social Media work with a little bit of research to update myself on the subject. Here’s what I came across so far. Serves as a nice (if a little unstructed) introduction into the philosophy of social media.

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Social Media in Action

I started a marketing and editing internship at Filmateria Studios in SoDo (South of Downtown), Seattle yesterday. I will be working on a project called Team Marco Polo and its online promotion.

Team Marco Polo Banner

Team Marco Polo Banner

Marco Polo is a travel show for kids and the distribution will mostly happen online, so I will develop a social media strategy to bring the show out into the online world.

On the way, I will be posting notes, updates and observations of this venture.
Any hints, tips, support or feedback are of course largely appreciated!

Cutting Through Seattle’s Summer

Editing Internship and the summer in Seattle?!

After a long application process, last Thursday finally brought a turn in my quest for an internship this summer.

Filmateria Studios had invited me for a second interview on Wednesday and it went really well. They liked my technical skills, my international profile and my knowledge of social networking sites.

Yaayy! Joy and happiness! And back to work: there's lots to do now!

Yaayy! Joy and happiness! And back to work: there's lots to do now!

Hermina gave me the honor of capturing the moment when I got the Email offering me an intern position. We were working in the law library of UW.

The next step will be the application for a visa extension. If the extension is approved, I will stay in Seattle until October as an editing intern on a project called Team Marco Polo – a travel show for kids! Cross your fingers for my summer in Seattle!!