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Workshop Recherche-Grundlagen: Tag 1 (UPDATE 10.10.2013)

Research is the base for every good news story. Since most of us are pretty early in our journalism careers at – we had successful reporter and researcher Max Ruppert give us an introduction. Here are his presentation and thoughts (sorry, in German) from the seminar. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask (him or me).


Vom 1. bis 3. Oktober 2013 leite ich einen Workshop für angehende Journalistinnen und Journalisten an der electronic media school in Potsdam-Babelsberg, meiner ehemaligen Ausbildungsstätte. Fürdie sechs Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern des Volontärsprogramms praxis4 geht es um eine Einführung in klassische Recherche-Grundsätze, wie “hartnäckig bleiben”, “aktives Zuhören” oder “von außen nach innen recherchieren” und um Grundlagen der Online-Recherche.

Hier, im Blog, veröffentliche ich die Präsentationen, die ich im Rahmen der drei Tage gezeigt habe und stehe gern für weitere Diskussionen und Anregungen in den Kommentaren zur Verfügung.


Und hier einige Recherche-Grundsätze, die wir nach einer Fact-Checking-Übung und der Analyse von Reportage-Geschichten aus Thomas Leifs Buch “Mehr Leidenschaft Recherche” aufgestellt haben:

Juristische Frage zu eidesstattlichen Erklärungen in der Recherche

Eine juristische Frage kam auf, als wir die Recherche-Geschichte “Die Weinkönige” des ehemaligen Vorsitzenden des Netzwerks Recherche, Thomas Leif, diskutierten. Er hatte sich von Winzern, die nicht mit Namen im Beitrag…

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The Public Data Ferret


Digging is one of the crucial elements of investigative journalism! While I’m digging on material for my thesis on investigative journalism, I ran into this little fellow here: The Public Data Ferret!

Why I dig the ferret? After the incredibly funny and cute cats that spit out of Seattle, the city has now brought a second line of animal cuteness on the way. And this time, it’s incredibly helpful, too!

Although a lot of information from government (more in the US than Germany) is publicly available, that does not mean it is easy to find or maybe you will have to ask for it first! The Public Data Ferret has set out to change that and serves a collection of data on different topics, currently limited to the Seattle area.

While the ferret seems to be living in a rather limited environment at this time, I feel positive that he is going to grow quite a family from this point (he’s a rodent after all, isn’t he?). I think it’s an idea worth spreading!

Go fetch! 🙂

Don’t Underestimate the Printed Web! – Lessons from the Library

Print is dead – online lives! Right?

The printed web: Books on investigative journalism, online journalism & digital life

You would think that with a growing online culture, actual printed books become less and less important. Well, at le

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Digital Journalism – Thesis Topic #12 – Range of Research

Update: I got my thesis on the reinvention of reporting approved by my mentor on Nov. 30th! Work on the topic can now start! See for example the resource collection “Readings in Digital Journalism

I went in with a vague idea, I came out with an abundance of vague ideas. Great!

Last week’s visit to my MA advisor didn’t quite go the way I had hoped, although it was highly interesting. But it did help me to get along a bit. One week later, I’ve brought some order into the chaos of my thesis-occupied mind.

Below, you find a list of possible paths I’m considering for my thesis in the world of journalism. Next step will be to pick one of these and get down a thesis proposal.

the topics condensed into to main themes/subjects on which I will continue to work in order to get a thesis proposal going… 😉

For resources in the field, see my collection of Readings in Digital Journalism (aka New Journalism or Journalism 2.0)

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