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Video: Rocky Journalism – Being a Reporter on a Ship (Interview)

Grit is a reporter for Deutsche Welle’s “Made In Germany” and loves to go on ships. She told me what is so special and challenging about being a reporter on a ship, right before she went on a tug boat!

The mini-interview is part of a #MadeInGermany special on Hamburg (#MadeInHamburg). Here is the entire show:


Swabian 102

Advanced Swabian: “watzen” or “durchwatzen”: intensive, almost violent act of hugging someone with love.

Schwäbisch für Fortgeschrittene: Jmnd. “watzen” oder “durchwatzen”: intensives, sehr kräftiges durchknuddeln

Make the Most of Free Data – How to Be a Data Journalist

Data! Come out come out wherever you are! © pcbritz

Today, on March 12th,  is “World Day against Cyber Censorship“,  a day to fight for online freedom of expression and the free exchange of information.

While the Cyber Censorship day was launched by Reporters without Borders in 2008 in order to fight censorship and allow free information and data worldwide, I present you with two “How-tos” today that will help you to take the next step:

Make the most of the data that has become available!

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How do you improve your video skills? By taking video!

Whatever you plan to do, just start! Right now!


Video is not your strongest feature? Yeah, mine either so far…

but see the post for more 😉
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Hörfunk-Schule Frankfurt (Radio Broadcasting School in Frankfurt)

After months of silence (and ignoring my application, but that’s a different story), I started getting news emails from the Junge Journalisten Rheinland-Pfalz e.V (Young Journalist of Rhineland-Palatinate).

Featured today was a forwarded newsletter from the Radio Broadcasting School in Frankfurt.

I’ve only seen this one issue, but I highly recommend it Continue reading

How To: Filter Emails in Gmail by Groups

Filtering has become one of the core elements of any research online. This includes Email.
I gather all my mail in my Gmail account, so strong filters are quite essential to do effective work. It allows you to consider the level of importance a message might have.

i Google u bing?

Gmail and Google Labs, unfortunately do not (yet) offer an integrated feature that allows to filter Emails by groups (for example co-workers, friends, business contacts). However, there’s a work around…

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Freelance Writing, The Press Pass and the Art of Getting “In”

The A-B-P of Passing for a Journalist

“So you’re a journalist, eh? Can you prove that?”

Does that question sound familiar to you?
I’ve heard it numerous times since I am a freelance writer for a local newspaper here in Germany. And I have been denied access to places and information that would have been relevant to my reporting, mostly when I was onto a story that was not an assignment. There are several tricks you can try, but none of them are foolproof:

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Business Cards – Networking and Brand Identity

One of the things I learned during my time in the US is that business success comes with good presentation and networking. Most journalists, however, do not think of themselves as a business or a brand.

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