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Carnivor Going Meatless, Day 2

Day two of my little experiement. The camera is still crappy video and it really needs a wide angle.

I’ve added a planning calendar to the equation and I’m starting to collect recipes! I’m hyped about all the recipes I can get, so let me know if you have a got one. Simply post it here or anywhere else and I’ll try it 🙂

This time, I’ve added a fade-in and fade-out, getting myself back into the basic functions of Adobe Premiere. Also, thanks to Filiz, I have found a Codec that works for YouTube with the Nokia 5800 XPressMusic. It’s the H264!


How do you improve your video skills? By taking video!

Whatever you plan to do, just start! Right now!


Video is not your strongest feature? Yeah, mine either so far…

but see the post for more 😉
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Cutting Through Seattle’s Summer

Editing Internship and the summer in Seattle?!

After a long application process, last Thursday finally brought a turn in my quest for an internship this summer.

Filmateria Studios had invited me for a second interview on Wednesday and it went really well. They liked my technical skills, my international profile and my knowledge of social networking sites.

Yaayy! Joy and happiness! And back to work: there's lots to do now!

Yaayy! Joy and happiness! And back to work: there's lots to do now!

Hermina gave me the honor of capturing the moment when I got the Email offering me an intern position. We were working in the law library of UW.

The next step will be the application for a visa extension. If the extension is approved, I will stay in Seattle until October as an editing intern on a project called Team Marco Polo – a travel show for kids! Cross your fingers for my summer in Seattle!!