Audio: Ingress – Crossing the Digital Border

The virtual reality of Google Ingress

The virtual reality of Google Ingress

Where is the border between the digital and the “real” world?

It can be right in your hands!

I recently went out for a report in order to search that border. Instead, I found Mario, an experienced Level-8 Ingress player who showed me around in the game and in his digital and augmented reality while moving seamlessly between the digital and analog worlds.

Here’s the little audio story that came out of it (German).

Warum Blogger und Verlage nicht zu einander finden – ein Erklärungsversuch

Das Vorwurfskarussell, Kulturkriege und der digitale Graben

Das Vorwurfskarussell ist das treibende Prinzip unserer Gesellschaft:
Wenn irgendwo irgendetwas schief läuft, hauen sich alle Beteiligten danach so lange zusammenhangslos Vorwürfe um die Ohren, bis allen schwindelig ist und sie wieder aus dem Karussell hinaus torkeln und zwar genau da, wo sie eingestiegen sind. Nur dass ihnen jetzt auch noch schlecht ist.”

Marc Uwe Kling “Die Trocknertheorie” in Das Känguru-Manifest

Ein trauriges Beispiel dieser wenig hilfreichen Form der Kommunikation haben Rhein-Zeitungs-Chefredakteur Christian Lindner und Digitalstratege Thomas Knüwer gerade im Medium Magazin abgeliefert.

Das Problem: Es treffen zwei Kulturen aufeinander, die die jeweils andere nicht verstehen. Continue reading

Lessons from the Radio

Practical Tips

This is a collection of lessons I took from my one week in Public Radio. Feel free to use them as a reminder for yourself or to get started.

Getting quotes and sound bites:

  • red riding radio reporter

    red riding radio reporter

    Getting there by bike is ultimately more fun (especially when it rains, but that’s just me)

  • Test the level of your mike (pitching is bad, but worse is if your sound is too weak)
  • Check your batteries and have replacements! Seriously. Do it! Just DO IT!
  • Take three minutes before recording anything and think about your story line / concept. Once you have something in mind, you will roughly know what kind of quotes you are looking for.
  • A good journalist does not collect more sound bites than he needs. Continue reading

How to prepare yourself for your first radio story (with Resources)

Getting Radio Active

Ever wondered why they call it "sound bite"?

Ever wondered why they call it “sound bite”?

There are various reasons people get annoyed by me, but the one I am most proud of: I ask too many questions.

I can’t help it, I’m  curious. I want to know how things work, why people do what they do the way they do it. Or sometimes just: what they do!

Do you know how radio news production works?  Continue reading

Video (German): Drumming for a job

The story of a young girl trying to find her way into the job market through a drumming project.

I authored this video during an internship at Südwestrundfunk, a public broadcaster in Mainz.
There’s also a German script

Mowglie Returns

Want the full story? Click here to start with Question Authority, Question 3v3ryth1nG! – the post that started this little travel adventure.

Where’s the adventure?

On the boat

This beats Joseph Conrad, no?

The way into the forest is no joyride to begin with. The van we get to the park entrance is driven by a maniac. I manage to sleep (because I fall asleep like nothing in moving vehicles), but the girls on board actually yell at the driver several times to drive more slowly and safely.

When I arrive: bad news. Continue reading

On the Road with the Tourist Mafia: Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

With a knife into the jungle

Equipped like Indiana Jones, my blade and I followed the others on the “trek” to the “Giant Rafflesia”

Want the full story? Click here to start with Question Authority, Question 3v3ryth1nG! – the post that started this little travel adventure.

Organizing a trip to the Highlands has a bit of the feel of dealing with the Mafia…

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