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What is the Message of YouTube? Or – After the Gutenberg-Universe: The YouTube Galaxy

What is the Message of YouTube?  How will it change TV? And what does Marshall McLuhan have to do with that?

I just wrote an essay for a class in culture and media theory at the University of Mainz going into these questions. I’m deliberating what the YouTube Universe will do to classical media, its models of communication and the power relationships involved. And what the “Message” of YouTube really is.

The essay is German, but I’m sure it’ll be even more fun if you google-translate it 😉

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What’s Your Thesis?

The Challenge Has Arrived – The Master’s Thesis!

On my way to finish my degree – one of the most important prerequisites to actually become a journalist – I’ve finished nearly all my course work. The end of my career as a student is slowly approaching. BUT, there is one big challenge that I still need to master (pun totally intended). After all, I need to deliver a final thesis!
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Citizenship by Digita1ization

In a globalized world where borders do not have the same significance they used to have, there has arisen a new form of migration:


Sounds strange? That’s what I thought, but check for yourself:

Reaching the Promised Land of digita1ization?

Reaching the Promised Land of Digita1ization?

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Los Twitteros – The Thrill of Crime and Journalism

Isn’t it interesting? Just when I found a way to keep myself involved (and I mean like really really into it involved) with my internship – it ends 😉

Friday was my last day at the “Mainzer Rhein-Zeitung“. I’ll continue to write of course, but no more non-payed work from now.

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If Gutenberg lived for one day…

What if Johannes Gutenberg, the good ol’ Johnny G. was still alive?
Yesterday, his statue was brought back to his home city: Mainz, Germany – only one day after the 542nd anniversary of his death.

What would you tell Johnny, if he was alive today? Since I’m still interning RZMainz (this is my last week), I asked their followers what they would tell the inventor of the printing press:

Read the full article in German:

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The first rule of Journalism is: YOU and your opinion don’t matter crap!

The first rule of Journalism is: YOU and your opinion don’t matter crap!
The second rule of Journalism is: YOU and your opinion don’t matter crap!
The third rule of Journalism is: News articles don’t tell a story.
The forth rule of Journalism is: News articles are told from important to unimportant with higher density on the important, more depth on the unimportant issues.

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