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What’s Your Thesis?

The Challenge Has Arrived – The Master’s Thesis!

On my way to finish my degree – one of the most important prerequisites to actually become a journalist – I’ve finished nearly all my course work. The end of my career as a student is slowly approaching. BUT, there is one big challenge that I still need to master (pun totally intended). After all, I need to deliver a final thesis!
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Seattle Winter vs. Paul – Round 2

Ladys and Gentlemen, meet the opponents!!

One the one side: A fearsome, dark, gray, suicide-provocing mass of clouds in the sky
On the other: A heat-radiating, adventurous, camera-swinging me!

Let the battle begin: Round 2!!

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Small and Cozy Beats Commercialized

Seattle’s Coffee Culture Examined

Coffee makes Seattle go - but Seattlelitles like it cozy. ©pc britz

Coffee makes Seattle go - but Seattlelitles like it cozy. ©pc britz

For my latest audio story, I have explored Seattle’s coffee culture.
My goal was initially to tell the story of struggling coffee shops in the economic situation. While I worked on the story the focus shifted. I found it more interesting to focus on the the different kinds of coffee culture (global-commercial v. local-communal) and to show why people prefer “The Local” over Starbucks.

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