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Crowd Funding Is a Piece of the Raft…

… of the raft that will save journalism!

After hard hours of editing and format struggles, the finished work can finally be appreciated online. Incredible what you can do with the most primitive tools! Find my Video on community funded journalism and

on youtube.

If you are curious to see the whole interview with David, check it out here:

Also take a look at how the story developed, how the question poll turned out, see my recap and what the story board for the video originally used to be.


Video-Story recap

My story is about, an online platform launched in the fall of 2008 that helps to finance journalists on certain stories by crowd funding. Crowd funding is one of the many new ways Journalists are exploring to keep Journalism alive and maintain a living. I mainly use an interview with David Cohn, the founder of to relate the company to the future of news. Continue reading

Story – boarding

Currently preparing story board for the piece on community-funded journalism. Check out David Cohn’s answers beforehand here

Story: example of crowd-funded journalism, one of new biz models.
Here goes the plan for the video with the very roughly estimated time.

Continue reading

Community-Funding: The Future of Journalism? (Update: Poll-Results)

(PC’s Project)

OR: Our Paycheck!

How much would you pay for news?

Will the community fund journalists to "digg deep" in the future? ©pc britz

Will the community fund journalists to "digg deep" in the future? ©pc britz

Nothing, since you can get it online for free? That’s what worries journalists about the changing media landscape!

What if somebody was looking into what really interests you? What if YOU could tell a journalist where to digg? Sound any better? Getting your wallet ready? is a platform that pitches news stories to get them funded by “the crowd”. This is an audience who actually cares about a topic – so much, they are willing to invest money into it. And this is why the model might work. David Cohn founded in November 2008 and the site has been running succesfully since.

My story: appears to be an example of a new biz (or rather non-profit) model that is becoming part of the future of news. Will business even remain a part of journalism?

I will interview David Cohn to find out more about the business side of, its potential for the future of news and to ask him:


YOUR part:

Of course, I have many questions for Dave – way too many to cover. So for the last 48 hours “the crowd” had the opportunity to pick among a number of questions I had thought of. Here is what “the crowd” always wanted to ask Digidave:

The Poll (results)

Poll Results - Questions for David Cohn from

Poll Results - Questions for David Cohn from

Dave will answer the top questions via Video and I will weave them into my video story.

More updates will follow as the story develops. I’ll keep you posted!

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A Biz Model for Journalism 2.0 (I)

David Cohn is a young ex-tech journalist and founder of the non-profit startup “”. In this interview with Sarah Perez he talks about the idea of, how it uses the concept of crowdsourcing (here crowdfunding) to give local communities the stories they really want to read.

The model has worked for five months now and Cohn thinks of expansion. One of the ways journalists might be able to survive in the future AND a way to give readers the stories they really want (instead of those the editor might find appropriate).