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Intern? Slave? Same Thing, Different Name!

An intern’s life is hard and many have compared today’s internship system to the ancient concept of slavery.
At Filmateria, interns ARE slaves, seriously! 😉

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TeamMarcoPolo – A Plan? (Update July 15)

I got an idea of Filmateria, I got an idea of the project TeamMarcoPolo and its online presence.

Now I am working on developing a Social Media Strategy to get the word out about Marco leading up to the September 15 launch of the show in New York.

Update July 7: It was a busy last week with a shoot and 4th of July. Now that week 3 has started, I am hoping to lay out the plan!

Update July 15: I am starting the fourth week of my internship. Do I have a Social Media Plan? Well… yes and no, but that’s OK!

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Social Media in Action

I started a marketing and editing internship at Filmateria Studios in SoDo (South of Downtown), Seattle yesterday. I will be working on a project called Team Marco Polo and its online promotion.

Team Marco Polo Banner

Team Marco Polo Banner

Marco Polo is a travel show for kids and the distribution will mostly happen online, so I will develop a social media strategy to bring the show out into the online world.

On the way, I will be posting notes, updates and observations of this venture.
Any hints, tips, support or feedback are of course largely appreciated!