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WikiLeaks Special Edition (11-29-2010)

Lots and lots of articles, stories, comments and videos were published about WikiLeaks today due to their publication of partially secret cables by US diplomats.

This is a small list of commented links, just to keep track:

The WikiLeaks-Page on the publication

Pro und Contra WikiLeaks – Transparenz gegen Vertrauen?” (ARD). Interview with political scientist Werner Weidenfeld and Sascha Lobo.

Wie arbeitet WikiLeaks? (ARD, video). Not too informative, but helpful video on how WikiLeaks works.

WikiLeaks: US-Regierung um Schadensbegrenzung bemüht” (ARD). Short overview on what “stories” have already been uncovered through the publication and how the US reacted.

“Reaktionen USA und arabische Welt” (ARD). Video on reactions from the US (White House, has been apologizing to countries) and the “Arab world” (quiet, but nervous).

“Kritik an WikiLeaks-Gründer Assange wächst” (ARD).

Iran mocks WikiLeaks dump, while Israel claims vindication” (CNN) Ahmadinejad calls the release of WikiLeaks documents a political game and propaganda. He claims it will not change relations to the US.

Julian Assange: Why the World needs WikiLeaks” (TED). Interview at TED on WikiLeaks publication of Kenyan documents, Iraq shooting videos AND!!! receiving (or rather: not receiving) secret intelligence cables from inside US embassies!

“Iran mocks WikiLeaks dump, while Israel claims vindication” (CNN) Ahmadinejad considers release of documents a political game and propaganda that will not change relations to the US.

“Technology made leaks ‘easier'” (Al Jazeera). Explanation of the security system of SIPRNET from which the documents were taken!

Media war: WikiLeaks v the Pentagon” (Al Jazeera). On media and political reactions to the planned publication. Also on reactions to the past publications by WikiLeaks.

“Ex-Botschafter: Enthüllung zerstörerisch” (ZDF). Former German Diplomat in the US says the publication has no point, it is dangerous nd not sensible if one is against wars. He also explains writing negative personal remarks about politicians is not standard practice in such reports, recommends “giving those to your minister or president in the car on the way from the airport” ;).

“WikiLeaks: On Balance, Transparency Trumps Secrecy”. (TheModerateVoice). Kathy Gill argues that despite some problems that might have been caused due to the publication of the wires, the public deserves to know how those whom they elected are using their mandate and tax money to govern.

“State’s Secrets: Teaching About WikiLeaks”. (NYT). New York Times giving advice to teachers (including abundance of links) in order to enable teaching about State Secrets and the WikiLeaks publications.

“Müller von Blumencron bei der kresskonferenz: ‘Jeder hätte sich Wikieaks-Dokumente angeschaut'” (Kress). Editor-in-chief of the Spiegel defends reporting on WikiLeaks. Hints that there’s some money to be made in online journalism. Drops WikiLeaks“. (ReadWriteWeb). Amazon has seized to host WikiLeaks due to what is speculated to be pressure from the US government.

Die größte Bedrohung für den Beruf des Diplomaten ist nicht Wikileaks; es war die Erfindung des Telefons” (TAZ). Comment on source protection in diplomacy and journalism. Argument: how can journalists defend source protection now if diplomats can’t?

Readings in Digital Journalism:

I’ve been doing lots of reading in digital journalism and I’m probably looking into a few more months of extensive reading in that field. Time to start a collection of articles!

1st Tag “Death of Journalism”:

Adler, Ben. “Why Journalists Aren’t Standing Up For WikiLeaks”. (Newsweek). January 4th, 2011. He gives the situation and three reasons: 1. refusal to engage in advocacy; 2. opposition to Assange’s purpose; 3. opposition to Assange’s message. Quotes Dan Abrams: “This example is almost a classic law school worst-case scenario for testing the bounds of the First Amendment. [Journalists] think it’s within his rights to do have done it, but they think he ought not to have done it. That’s the fundamental tension in the way the media’s covering the story, and the tepid defenses.”

Bencoil, Dorian. “Don’t Blame the Content Farms” (MediaShift). July 26th, 2010. On content farms, journalistic business models and demand media.

Eaves, David. “The Death of Journalism? (or journalism in the era of open)” ( Blog). March 17th 2009. Summing up articles by Clay Shirky and Steven Johnson on the future of the news industry.

Gerson, Michael. “Journalism’s Slow, Sad Death” (Washington Post). October 27th, 2009. On the replacement of classical journalism. Connection to the Newseum in Washington DC.

Gill, Kathy E. “Response To “Ink-Stained Wretching” (WiredPen). March 16th, 2009. KAthy explaining that Google isn’t stealing content, how it works as a filter, why print failed, “Journalists are using blogging software to do serious reporting — from hyperlocal sites (WestSeattleBlog) to political investigative reporting (TalkingPointsMemo).”

Ingram, Mathew. “Is What WikiLeaks Does Journalism?” (Gigaom). Dec 24th, 2010. Overview with few arguments summing up a Twitter debate between Journalists like J. Rosen and Jason Pontin. Lots of interesting links to Blog Posts.

Krivoj, Sachar. “Christian Jakubetz im Interview” (Massenpublikum). November, XY, 2010. Jakubetz is collaboratively writing a book on “New Journalism” practices, probably the first in German. (for English, see Journalism2.0 by Mark Briggs)

Thornton, Patrick. “Q&A: Monica Guzman discusses the new, online-only Seattle Post-Intelligencer”. (BeatBlogging). March 17, 2009.

Lavrusik, Vladim. “How Investigative Journalism is Prospering in the Age of Social Media” (Mashable). November 24th, 2010. Including many ressources!

McLellan, Michelle – Micro Local News Sites (Reynolds Journalism Institute): It’s a collection of hyper local news on the web!

Nysted, Dan.  “Wikileaks plans to make the Web a leakier place” About strategical publishing of secret documents. Why didn’t Wikileaks just publish the Afghanistan war logs and let journalists ’round the world have at them?

O’Neill, Jim. “The Death of Journalism“. Octber 29th, 2008. On mainstream media, balanced journalism and partisan journalism.

Shirky, Clay. “Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable”. (Clay Shirky). March 13th, 2009. Shirky explaining how newspapers were trying to prepare for the internet back in the 90s and ignored that their plans were not working because they were trying to preserve the old form. Claims that in revolutions old stuff gets broken faster than new is replacing it. Economic dilemma of newspapers. Society doesn’t need newspapers, what it needs is journalism.

Shirky, Clay. “What will 2011 bring for journalism? Clay Shirky predicts widespread disruptions for syndication” (Nieman Journalism Lab). Dec 13th, 2010. Just what it says 😉

New: Tompkins, Al –“What 2011 Holds for Investigative Reporting” (Poynter). January 3rd, 2011. Expectations from investigative Journalists, including need to learn new skills in social media an database reporting and broader deliverance on various platforms. “Why have personalized news startups failed?

Watson, Tom. “Clay Shirky is Right: Newspapers’ Death is Journalism’s Loss“. (Huffington Post). March 18th , 2009. Lists newspapers gone out of business. Evaluating the position of the Times as a big player and its reactions to online culture.

Yarow, Jay & Kamelia Angelova. “Chart of the Day: The End of Newspapers“. (Business Insider). December 30th, 2009.

Yelvington, Steve. “Death to the ‘Death of Journalism’ meme”. (Yelvington Blog). June 20th, 2009. On the usefulness of the meme and why it needs to step aside in order to go on (4 stages). (+)

Zeit. “Facebook schmeißt Konkurrenten raus“. On Facebook censoring “Lamebook” on its platform.

Journalism’s slow, sad death


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