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Don’t Underestimate the Printed Web! – Lessons from the Library

Print is dead – online lives! Right?

The printed web: Books on investigative journalism, online journalism & digital life

You would think that with a growing online culture, actual printed books become less and less important. Well, at le

ast I thought so when I started the research for my thesis at the library this week… Continue reading


Digital Journalism Thesis – Proposal #1: Investigative Journalism

After the “Death of Journalism” in the US: Reinventing Reporting on the Web

Update: I got the thesis approved by my mentor on Nov. 30th! Work on the topic can now start! See for example the resource collection “Readings in Digital Journalism

This is one of the expansions on a post called “What’s Your Thesis”?, in which I list several possible topics for my masters thesis. Continue reading

Digital Journalism – Thesis Topic #12 – Range of Research

Update: I got my thesis on the reinvention of reporting approved by my mentor on Nov. 30th! Work on the topic can now start! See for example the resource collection “Readings in Digital Journalism

I went in with a vague idea, I came out with an abundance of vague ideas. Great!

Last week’s visit to my MA advisor didn’t quite go the way I had hoped, although it was highly interesting. But it did help me to get along a bit. One week later, I’ve brought some order into the chaos of my thesis-occupied mind.

Below, you find a list of possible paths I’m considering for my thesis in the world of journalism. Next step will be to pick one of these and get down a thesis proposal.

the topics condensed into to main themes/subjects on which I will continue to work in order to get a thesis proposal going… 😉

For resources in the field, see my collection of Readings in Digital Journalism (aka New Journalism or Journalism 2.0)

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What’s Your Thesis?

The Challenge Has Arrived – The Master’s Thesis!

On my way to finish my degree – one of the most important prerequisites to actually become a journalist – I’ve finished nearly all my course work. The end of my career as a student is slowly approaching. BUT, there is one big challenge that I still need to master (pun totally intended). After all, I need to deliver a final thesis!
While most people seem to suffer from a lack of ideas, my problem is that I have too many ideas! Continue reading

Guerilla Bar – A story I wish I’d told

Sometimes it is more important that a story gets told than that you are able to tell it yourself…

Flyer for the Goodbye party of the Inter II Bar

Being a student at the University of Mainz, this matter is, of course, close to my heart!:
In the last couple of years, all the dorms on campus have been closed Continue reading

“Weeding out” the Snoop Dogg Piece

How Much Weed Is Too Much Weed for German Readers?

Snoop Dogg Smoking Weed on Stage ©pcbritz

I just got back from four hours of writing for the paper where I intern. Subject was the Snoop Dogg concert in Mainz I went to on Friday. Apart from technical difficulties that slowed things down (the phones and image modems didn’t work, for example), a young conservative editor crossed my plans of getting out of the office fast.

Update: I got the printed article today. Not as much weed as originally, but no more significant changes since I left ;). Here it is!

Read more on how the story developed and see Snoop pictures!