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What Do Young Journalists Need for the Future? (audio, German)

Preparing next generation journalists

EMS_LogoNewspapers and news agencies are closing down. The media crisis has reached Germany. Still, many young people want to be journalists. The Electronic Media School in Potsdam offered a traineeship in the fall of 2013 once again. How will the head of training Michael Neugebauer prepare the next generation of future journalists? Paul-Christian Britz has found out.

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Make the Most of Free Data – How to Be a Data Journalist

Data! Come out come out wherever you are! © pcbritz

Today, on March 12th,  is “World Day against Cyber Censorship“,  a day to fight for online freedom of expression and the free exchange of information.

While the Cyber Censorship day was launched by Reporters without Borders in 2008 in order to fight censorship and allow free information and data worldwide, I present you with two “How-tos” today that will help you to take the next step:

Make the most of the data that has become available!

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What’s Your Thesis?

The Challenge Has Arrived – The Master’s Thesis!

On my way to finish my degree – one of the most important prerequisites to actually become a journalist – I’ve finished nearly all my course work. The end of my career as a student is slowly approaching. BUT, there is one big challenge that I still need to master (pun totally intended). After all, I need to deliver a final thesis!
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So what IS Google Zeitgeist?


The Google Zeitgeist?

The other day, I ran into this little graffiti while doing a night shooting in Frankfurt with a friend.

On a stone along the bank of the Main river across from the banking quarter, the words “Google: Zeitgeist” were written, which seemed a bit strange, if not to say abstruse!…

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New Submissions!

Today I am a happy editor! I received creative writing submissions I did not ask for!!

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Information Placebo

Is Free Any Good? In Print?
For five weeks I have been receiving Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) for free. The weird thing is that since I get a printed paper, my online news reading time has gone down. While I am also working three jobs, there’s something else at work here:

The Placebo Effect:
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Business Cards – Networking and Brand Identity

One of the things I learned during my time in the US is that business success comes with good presentation and networking. Most journalists, however, do not think of themselves as a business or a brand.

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Twitter Profile Case Study – Mashable (preliminary)

This analysis is created according to a Case Study Template developed by students at the University of Washington.

Mashable stands out for its transparency, its customized profile page and the leading position in providing news on Twitter itself. Due to its role in Social Media, it cannot be ignored in a proper Best Practices list.

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Why I Like Am Addicted to Twitter

I started tweeting in March for the Digital Journalism class COM466 at the University of Washington with Kathy Gill. Now, after three months, let me show you where Twitter has brought me:

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