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Audio: Ingress – Crossing the Digital Border

The virtual reality of Google Ingress

The virtual reality of Google Ingress

Where is the border between the digital and the “real” world?

It can be right in your hands!

I recently went out for a report in order to search that border. Instead, I found Mario, an experienced Level-8 Ingress player who showed me around in the game and in his digital and augmented reality while moving seamlessly between the digital and analog worlds.

Here’s the little audio story that came out of it (German).


“Numerologist Predicts Past!”

From the “failed ads” section:

Numerologist #Fail!

I was confronted with this ad in my Gmail account tonight.

In case you are wondering: Tonight is the night of the 19th of February 2011 ;).

So how much trust would you put (if you would put any in the first place) in a Numerologist who predicts your past?

How To: Filter Emails in Gmail by Groups

Filtering has become one of the core elements of any research online. This includes Email.
I gather all my mail in my Gmail account, so strong filters are quite essential to do effective work. It allows you to consider the level of importance a message might have.

i Google u bing?

Gmail and Google Labs, unfortunately do not (yet) offer an integrated feature that allows to filter Emails by groups (for example co-workers, friends, business contacts). However, there’s a work around…

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So what IS Google Zeitgeist?


The Google Zeitgeist?

The other day, I ran into this little graffiti while doing a night shooting in Frankfurt with a friend.

On a stone along the bank of the Main river across from the banking quarter, the words “Google: Zeitgeist” were written, which seemed a bit strange, if not to say abstruse!…

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The Day I Sold My Soul – To Google

Confession of a Control Freak

“No, I will not join Facebook! There’s enough data of me out there”

I’m in control. I know where my information is.

My personal data is secure and neither Microsoft nor other evil corporations will get it!

Well, that’s how it used to be!

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Internet Giants and Small Geeks – Google Meetup Seattle

Google and the simple geeks - Google Meetup Seattle ©pcbritz

Google and the simple geeks - Google Meetup Seattle ©pcbritz

Google is taking over the world! Next Stop: Fremont

One of the advantages of living in Seattle: Adobe, Amazon, Boing, Expedia, Getty Images, Microsoft, Starbucks are… literally… just around the corner! That means, when they have something new going on, you’re the first guinea pig to try it out.

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