Famous First Words

Welcome to my new blog. Now, in addition to my traveling blog, the world will be able to follow the progression of the COM 466 course I am taking at the University of Washington in Seattle.

My expectations for COM 466:

I expect from this class to learn hands-on about the digital side of Journalism. Since I do not study Journalism, my journalistic experience comes from internships and self-made projects only so far. These have mainly been in the print sector not utilizing the new digital media.

I have experience in film production and editing, which I hope to enhance. I also have a lot of experience with photography and editing and I hope that this class will help me to link my photos more closely to the stories I want to tell and to make my photos more telling in themselves. Generally, I hope that the class will help me to become more acquainted with (drumrolls) “the digital media” and more familiar with it, so I can utilize the resources I have to make the best of it.