Reportage – The ONE thing you need to know!

What does it take to write a good reportage?

Last week, we Praxis4-trainees had one week to figure that out.

There are many things, you need to think about when tackling this format, the most important being…
detailed descriptions
a subject that matters

But there is one thing without which your reportage is just not going to work.
In order for it to be captivating, entertaining and really relevant, you need to ask your self one, very important question before your write (sometimes even before you start to research):

2013-10-23 11.12.26


Wolfgang Prosinger, journalist at the Tagesspiegel, who taught us on the subject stressed this fact several times.

“If you don’t know which story you want to tell, you cannot ask the right questions and you will most likely be carries away,” he said.
So when you get down to it, reportage is all about storytelling, probably more than any other format.

Keep that in mind next time you plan out a reportage.

If you’ve never written a reportage and have no idea what it looks like (and you speak German), feel free to take a look at what I wrote in two days and get an inspiration for a reportage you could do to try. Hope you find it helpful :).

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