7 ultimate Tipps to save your Job as a Journalist

Richard Gutjahr, one of the most innovative journalists I know in Germany has come up with 7 ultimate tips to secure your future as a journalist. Not that any of his suggestions are particularly new. However, his post has the perfect timing and reminded me of some good core values in a time where I feel Social Media and innovative journalism is strategically suppressed by bureaucracy (Gutjahr mentions the new Social Media guideline at public TV channel ARD).

So check out his post!… I know it’s in German, but you’re familiar with Google Translate by now, aren’t you ;). Start with his intro: “Wer mich kennt, weiß, ich bin ein Hybridmodell. Ich moderiere die Spätnachrichten im Fernsehen, ich blogge, ich schreibe aber auch für dieses Dingsda… dieses… Ja. Richtig: Zeitung. Ich bin also in der alten wie in der neuen Welt zuhause …und ich kenne alle Tricks:…”

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