How do you improve your video skills? By taking video!

Whatever you plan to do, just start! Right now!


Video is not your strongest feature? Yeah, mine either so far…

but see the post for more 😉

… neither was Twitter when I first started it. Or anything else. Last night I adviced a friend “don’t wait for something big to get your Twitter profile going, just do it! Go ahead and make mistakes, then learn from it.”

… I myself was trying to push myself to get better at taking video for quite a while, but couldn’t seem to come up with an idea.

Yesterday, entriely unrelated, I decided to finally start another project I’d had on my mind for some time: The question of whether or not I could live without meat. The time of lent started today where people fasten until Easter after celebrating Mardi Gras. Wonderful timing!

All those came together and I decided:  I don’t care that I don’t have a decent camera, I’m just going to start doing it.

Right! Now!

here’s a video of firsts, as published on Facebook earlier today:

“Ok, this is embarrassing… but hey, you learn from your mistakes, right?
Here’s to a lot of firsts:
– 1st video taken with my Nokia 5800 phone
– 1st fail to hold the camera in the right angle
– 1st direct video upload from the phone (so I didn’t even notice it was flipped!)
– 1st day (of 40) without meat…
… bare with me… thank you! 😉

Take this and learn from my mistakes! I hope the quality will improve over the next weeks 😉

Update: Video No. 2 of that day (turned but still crappy) is here.

  1. So, you celebrated Carnival? NICE. I remember I gave up beef for a while in 2006/2007 when I lived in Houston. I honestly didn’t miss it that much. No burgers, steaks, meatloaf. Nada. The sore side is that I couldn’t get the nachos at Mexican restaurants.

  2. Carnival is a big thing here in Mainz, David. One of the three major cities forr endless celebrations ;). I’ve always been out of town (or made sure I was) in the last years, but this year I was here to experience the madness!

    I’m curious to see if I can manage without the meat. I also hope I can get myself to just try new things about cooking and recipes. Hope that works. Feeling good on day 1 😉

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