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Bearded Politics on Bill Boards

It’s mid-February in Rhineland-Palatinate (RP) and political campaigning is on a high with state elections just one month away (they will be held on March 27th).
As usual, this is also a great time to have fun with political campaign ads, mostly failed campaign ads 😉

politics with or without beard? ©pcbritz

As the “Frankfurter Neue Presse” reported yesterday, the Christian Democrat candidate Julia Klöckner is having some trouble with her ads. Her posters show Klöckner with the slogan: “politics without beard”, referring to a male dominance in the political field. While she is campaigning with those ads in RP, the bill-posters apparently also put up her ad in Frankfurt. Frankfurt is only a few miles away, however in a different state and as such quite a different administrative district!

However, it doesn’t stop there: While the article points this out as a mistake and concludes that voters will have to come to Mainz (the capital of RP), the city (or rather the people) of Mainz has its own interpretation of Klöckner’s rather conservative campaign.

This poster sits right along the Rhine River, where the largest bill boards are set up. It might just be one of those frequent “hey-lets-paint-a-beard-on-the-person-in-this-ad” actions. However, the other boards remain untouched, which suggests a political comment on Klöckner’s campaign and supposedly “beardless” politics.

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