After the “Death of Journalism” in the US: Reinventing Reporting on the Web – Structure v.2

Last Draft Before Signup

It's all about the structure! Or is it? ©pcbritz

Alright, tomorrow it will be official: The first day of writing my thesis.

Here’s a last version of the structure. It’s all writing from here 🙂

1. Intro

– catchy example of web breaking news (Ground Report?)
– Death of Journalism (print) (& investigative journalism? à recent history)
– Definition of IJ
– (way back) history of IJ (up to death of print)
(- ability to adapt to new communication models? or in 3.2)
– New chances: examples IJ non-profits flourishing
– examples of CAR&Social Media input for stories
– overall relevance
thesis, method, aim, structure

2. – Ray Williams theory of culture

- how does change happen?
- emergent, resilient, dominant, alternative, oppositional cultures
- explain relationship of those cultures

3.1. New Forms of IJ: Emergent Culture

"thick description" of 2 examples developed in emergent culture:
- West Seattle Blog or (GroundReport)
- Spot.Us
- Show Relation to the “Cluetrain Manifesto”
1 investigative case each as example
3.2. New vs. Old IJ: Opposition
- compare new vs. two classical stories (1 NYT, 1 WaPo)
- key elements of investigative J. in dominant culture
- what's new?
-> communication structure (show old and new model)
-> collaboration
(- big player reaction ("death of j"), quality issues, paywalls etc.)
3.3. Becoming part of the system: Integration
- how were new practices integrated?
- (1 is WikiLeaks, the other The Guardian?)
- incorporation of practices & model of communication
- alternative becomes part of the dominant

4. Conclusion:

- how have practices changed and with it the model of communication?
- typical for web stuff and dominant culture!
- benefit(?!) for IJ (and others)
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