Who is more objective? Investigative vs. Objective Reporting

Chad Raphael describes journalism as made up of different genres. He compares the genres of Investigative Journalism and Objective Journalism as follows:

“In objective reporting, journalists must seem to efface their own interpretation of facts… and seem to balance competing versions of the truth… investigative journalism more openly distinguishes between villains and victim, asserting its own moral authority.”

I wonder if that is true – and if it is: what’s better (or worse?)

The way this is written makes it seem as if objective reporting is faking a truth by not overtly taking a side (must “seem” to efface) while investigative journalism’s flaw is that it does show who’s side it is on.

Am I getting this wrong?

You think  “The Truth” is out there? I’ve debated this with Journalism teacher Jay Rosen.

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