Don’t Underestimate the Printed Web! – Lessons from the Library

Print is dead – online lives! Right?

The printed web: Books on investigative journalism, online journalism & digital life

You would think that with a growing online culture, actual printed books become less and less important. Well, at le

ast I thought so when I started the research for my thesis at the library this week…

To my great surprise I found dozens of books that deal with online(!) in some way or another. Probably my favorites: “Born Digital” and “Grown up Digital“, explaining the digital world to digital immigrants and those who fancy they might be able to upgrade. Both books have elaborate homepages on the book – however, they can only be bought as print-on-demand. I haven’t found a way to download a PDF or anything.

While this shows that books are still relevant to many many people, it also gives us a hint that some of those who claim an online life might in their heads still be more off then they wish.

The funny thing: initially, I didn’t even think about trying at the library. I wasn’t expecting books to be up to date about what is happening in the online world. In that way, I was enclosed in my own little world. Now,after three days at the library, I have more than a weekends worth of book sighting(!) to do, before I can even start reading.

The lessons I take from this week:

1. Don’t underestimate print

2. Always bring plenty of water, food, tissue and possibly an oxygen mask if you enter a (dusty) library for research 😉

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