Hörfunk-Schule Frankfurt (Radio Broadcasting School in Frankfurt)

After months of silence (and ignoring my application, but that’s a different story), I started getting news emails from the Junge Journalisten Rheinland-Pfalz e.V (Young Journalist of Rhineland-Palatinate).

Featured today was a forwarded newsletter from the Radio Broadcasting School in Frankfurt.

I’ve only seen this one issue, but I highly recommend it for any journalist interested in radio (or other forms of Journalism) in the Frankfurt area! The newsletter features workshops (mostly radio), internship opportunities, contests and other Journo-related information.

Here’s the table of contents for you to get an idea:

Die Themen:
1. Dein Start in die Medien – Berufsinformationstag mit dem Hessischen Rundfunk
2. Bewerbungstraining für junge Journalisten
3. Comedy im Radio – wie man die Hörer zum Lachen bringt
4. Das neue Workshopprogramm der Hörfunkschule Frankfurt fürs nächste Jahr
5. Freie Praktikumsplätze bei Hit Radio FFH und BLR/RadioDienst
6. Deutscher Presserat veröffentlicht Datenbank mit Fallsammlung
7. Journalistenpreise

To subscribe, just go to the website of the Radio Broadcasting School and enter your Email (unfortunately there’s no RSS, but they have a Twitter account).

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