How To: Filter Emails in Gmail by Groups

Filtering has become one of the core elements of any research online. This includes Email.
I gather all my mail in my Gmail account, so strong filters are quite essential to do effective work. It allows you to consider the level of importance a message might have.

i Google u bing?

Gmail and Google Labs, unfortunately do not (yet) offer an integrated feature that allows to filter Emails by groups (for example co-workers, friends, business contacts). However, there’s a work around…

Here’s a work around for that problem, I found in the Gmail forum:

  1. Create the group you want to filter in the “My Contacts” section, e.g. “Lawyers”
  2. Compose an Email to “Lawyers” entering the group name. Gmail will convert this into Email addresses.
  3. Copy the “To:” field
  4. Paste it into the “convert” textbox on this page: http://
    (Alternatively separate contacts by “OR”.
  5. Copy the output and create a new filter. Paste the content into the “From:” field of the filter.

There you go. And don’t forget to suggest to Gmail to make this available as a feature if you would like to have a more easy solution!

    • Charlie
    • October 23rd, 2013

    Good solution. The one drawback to this solution is that it won’t automatically integrate contacts added later. But that’s not your failing, more Google’s for necessitating imperfect workarounds.

    • Thanks. Glad I could help. You’re right though, it’s static and doesn’t update. I decided to check back with Google to see if they’ve come up with a solution by now. Let’s see what they say.

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