Resigning as Editor-in-Chief of HOWL Magazine

Comic of Allan Ginsberg as an owl

Allan Inside

Time to Leave the Stage

After much consideration, I just told my staff at HOWL Magazine that I will resign from my post as editor-in-chief after the next issue that is coming out in October.

It was a difficult decision! The magazine is my little baby and I love it dearly… but after two years as editor-in-chief, one before and one after my stay in the United States, it is time to step down and move on.

The Time has Come and Gone
Peace Owl cartoon

Peace Owl

With my overall time decreasing due to my several jobs, I had noticed how I spent more time with organizing than actually doing what HOWL is all about: Fun and Humor in a mix with weirdness and a hint of journalism.

I hope that someone will be found to take over the position and keep the magazine alive! With many of the students in the old courses of studies finishing their degrees, newbys have been a little scarce lately. I hope the Bachelor won’t kill this little piece of student culture.

The Final Countdown

But for now, it is time for the final spurt to the “Hairy Issue” – HOWL’s issue #39. And if we can’t find a new editor-in-chief there will follow a great effort to save the owl! Rest assured!

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