Guerilla Bar – A story I wish I’d told

Sometimes it is more important that a story gets told than that you are able to tell it yourself…

Flyer for the Goodbye party of the Inter II Bar

Being a student at the University of Mainz, this matter is, of course, close to my heart!:
In the last couple of years, all the dorms on campus have been closed, for good or renovation. While this sucked for tenants, it also tore away important spaces of student culture: campus bars!

Every dorm building had a little student-owned bar that also provided food and enabled students to hold social gatherings on campus, discussing higher ed and other political issues or just bonding.

A small group of students has started to protest this neglect by the university to provide adequate replacements by setting up a guerilla bar, a transportable bar they built themselves and that can be set up on campus.

Fortunately, I was able to get an editor to drop by and report on the protest, since I couldn’t be there myself. But mind you, although the article says in the last lines that these students are not political: They ARE political!! Highly political, just not doint party-politics ;).

(click on the image to enlarge)

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