When Brand Identity Becomes Branded Identity – A BP Collection

I’ve always liked BP’s new brand identity after they redid their shield logo in 2000 and replaced it with the flower logo. Regardles of how hypocritical it might be.

Now, with the fatal oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, BP as a brand is the focus of cartoonists and others who poke fun at the failure to deal with the situation. BP has trouble with controlling the imagery around its own brand(Read more about that on WIRED)

Inspired by a Tweet from @SMMadagency, I’ve searched and started a little collection of funny and sad BP brand cartoons, comics and photoshop images. Please feel free to add!:

The Fail Whale (Holykaw)

BP Fail Whale

The Gulf is over capacity (on Flickr)

BP Oil Flower (From Epkes.com, found on Wired.com)

Video: “What would you ask an oil company?” (also found on WIRED)

Adopt an Ocean (found on examiner.com)

BP Wilts (found on Shtick.com)

BP stands for Big Polluter (found on prairiemod.com)

Feel free to add your own contributions!

Now they’ve killed the Fail Whale!

The Gulf of Mexico is over Capacity (YFrog)

  1. BP damaged more than its own brand. It also damaged the image of the communities involved and made it harder for them to compete for capital investment. Read about the work being done to help economic development professionals refurbish their community brands.

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