The Portfolio!

I proudly present: My new portfolio!! Now: What’s wrong with it?

Here’s the recipe: Go through your entire pictures, make a tiny selection, add some audio and video, stirr it up with some web design, make it both functional and aesthetically pleasing and press go! – Or something like that!

Apart from a few lousy attempts on Flickr, this is my first attempt at a professional portfolio. As such it is full of errors in its design, its selection and presentation of pictures, maybe even in the pictures I’ve taken. My aim is to make this portfolio better – and I hope you will help me with that! To make this a little easier, I’ve wrote down some questions that can guid you, but feel free to give me any kind of comment that comes up to you. You can be cruel, you can be mean, you can be amazed, but whatever you say, I want it to be honest to the bone!

1. what do you think the portfolio communicates?

2. do you feel you want to klick on anything when you see the fron page? (If yes: what?)

3. is the navigation understandable?

4. What do you think of the picture galleries?

5. How do you like the selection of pictures?

6. Which is the best/worst picture on the page? (why?)

7. Did you notice there is more than just pictures on there?

8. If you could change ONE thing about the page, what would it be?

Thank you all for helping me out!

Feel free to drop comments right here or on the website itself:

I’ll let you know what kind of feedback I got!

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