Seattle Winter vs. Paul – Round 2

Ladys and Gentlemen, meet the opponents!!

One the one side: A fearsome, dark, gray, suicide-provocing mass of clouds in the sky
On the other: A heat-radiating, adventurous, camera-swinging me!

Let the battle begin: Round 2!!

I haven’t even gotten a chance to put (or even sort) some of the pictures from my trip through Turkey and Germany with Filiz.

But here’s more news: I booked a ticket to Seattle in February!! Returning to the Emerald City after – wow, has it already been five months? I’ll be missing Valentine’s Day (what a shame!) and President’s day, but I’ll sure be there for Seattle’s fearsome winter! Sunset at 4pm and everything. Maybe I’m lucky and it’s not as cold as last year, but I won’t bet on it.

Why would I want to go to Seattle during such an awful time? Well, here’s the photography side of it:
The winters in Seattle may be rough, because they are incredibly depressing. However, Seattle winter is the time when people crowd into tiny coffee shops and try to warm their souls on a hot drink more than ever. People in Seattle actually are warm at heart throughout the year!

There are a couple of characteristics and stories about Seattle that I don’t feel I’ve sufficiently told with my camera. So this trip might be a chance to fill some holes. If I’m successful, you’ll see the pics on my new portfolio site: – meanwhile, check out Seattle’s favorite way to get warm: “Small and Cozy Coffee Shops”

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