The Day I Sold My Soul – To Google

Confession of a Control Freak

“No, I will not join Facebook! There’s enough data of me out there”

I’m in control. I know where my information is.

My personal data is secure and neither Microsoft nor other evil corporations will get it!

Well, that’s how it used to be!

In fall 2008, I was certain I would resist the mass of requests from people to join Facebook so I could share my pictures with them! But the camera was new, I was proud of the snaps and eventually I gave in… this is when it all began… I started smelling the devil’s burnt hooves.

I was already using Gmail at that point, but I was mostly relying on other Email services. There was no web history and hardly anyone new I had a Gmail acount. All of my Emailadresses found their way into Outlook, so Google wasn’t that big of a deal.

Early 2009, I realized the advantages of Social Media for a Journalist – and of Gmail for it’s search(!) function after frustration with finding old Emails in Outlook. The smell grew stronger and the devil knocked on my door. When I told him to go away, he left a note in the Inbox! It read only two words:

Clout Computing!

I migrated my main Email to Gmail to be able to search my communicated past while still working it through Outlook most of the time, which is where I kept my calendar, my contacts, my notes.

I was fairly happy with this solution – until I started using multiple computers! On Saturday I bought an Acer Aspire One 751 (very nice machine). Using it yesterday, though, I realized that I didn’t want to slow it’s limited processing power down even further with bulky software – aka Windows Office and Outlook.

I started making my class notes in Google Docs – ans shared them with the devil via a single button hit ;).

Today, I made the last step. I migrated all my events, notes, contacts to Google. The blood is drying on my finger!

I’ve grown rather tired of Facebook and am considering deleting my account and get my data back. And of course, I will continue to use Outlook and try to sync it with Google for a long while – being the control freak that I am. But essentially, I have sold my soul to data collection – Google. It now controls my life! My contacts, Emails, Notes, Documents, Events!

It sure will make my life a heck of a lot easier and you may claim (rightly so) that I probably never had control over my information). But it feels like I jumped out of the boat into a big ocean where I have no control left over!

Now, I’ll wait for the wave to hit me!

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