TeamMarcoPolo – A Plan? (Update July 15)

I got an idea of Filmateria, I got an idea of the project TeamMarcoPolo and its online presence.

Now I am working on developing a Social Media Strategy to get the word out about Marco leading up to the September 15 launch of the show in New York.

Update July 7: It was a busy last week with a shoot and 4th of July. Now that week 3 has started, I am hoping to lay out the plan!

Update July 15: I am starting the fourth week of my internship. Do I have a Social Media Plan? Well… yes and no, but that’s OK!


During the last four weeks I realized that having a “plan” for Social Media might actually not be ver helpful. Today, I got some reaffirmation on that during the Twitter class by Kathy Gill I started attending. Elliot Pesut, who has been tweeting for AlaskanAirlines for over a year said, having a Social Media plan might actually inhibit your use of it, because it is such a flexible platform. The same is true for other Social Media.

Social Media is not controllable. We can be part of a conversation, but we can not control the conversation. However, it might still be helpful to have some goals in mind. Here’s what I think will benefit Team Marco Polo and other brands using Social Media:

Finding Your Center

There are tons of different platforms out there and it does make sense to be present at least on the most important ones. However, there is no way to keep active on all those. A way around this problem is redirection. Chose one or two places online where you can communicate with the online community. Other profiles can lead the lost towards the discussion. For Team Marco Polo, I believe that these are 1.) Twitter (because it allows to find both professional contacts as well as connect with the “audience” 2.) Youtube, where most of the videos are already hosted. Eventually, I think the actual website should replace youtube, but as for now, it will do.

Give a Hand

Social Media is about helping each other, good Karma. I’ve thought about what could the people that care about Marco need besides him? Who cares about Marco? Good question!

Marco stands for “peace, love and understanding”! You doubt it? Here’s how I see it: The mission of Marco Polo is children’s education. Travel creates awareness of other people who are “different”. International travel, meeting foreigners and learning their language fosters international understanding, which is a key element to international cooperation. Learning on the other hand is much more efficient when you are having fun. That’s why TMP is humorous – it gets the kids interested! If you can’t tell, I like Marco ;-).

And so do others. Not just kids, but teachers and parents and other media producers. So on Twitter I try to provide them with useful information hoping they will take a minute to see how TMP fits into their idea of the world.

Be Engaging

I would say, listen to what people are saying about you – but currently TMP is not yet the center of the world’s discussion. So I try to engage others in a conversation about Marco. One way to do that is by clever tweets and questions. I have had some small success. The number of followers has definitely increased and some of the followers are actually engaging with Marco

Bottom Line

No master plan, no plan of attack. I will prepare the world for the MarcoPolo launch no September 15 with Blog posts on Marco’s Blog and by building up his web presence in cooperation with the folks online. And then we’ll see what happens. I’m looknig forward to it!

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