(Updated) Notes on Social Media

I’m starting my Social Media work with a little bit of research to update myself on the subject. Here’s what I came across so far. Serves as a nice (if a little unstructed) introduction into the philosophy of social media.

Interesting Resources:


USE 80/20 rule (80%personal, 20% your own brand)

follower number NOT=success –> Track how much money has Twitter saved your brand!

Nice use of Social Media:

Just listened to Webinar “Social Media and Networking” (by Thomas Power) on Brighttalk

Notes on the Webinar:

The opposite of giving is not taking, it is receiving. What can you give? “You cannot receive unless you first give” –> change in media from broadcasting (one-directional) to a conversation (multi-directional)

Most people want to be selective and in control (institutional thinking). For the online world, openness and acceptance are important. Become part of the conversation.

Capture your knowledge, understand your contribution, release that expertise through all the online groups. Letting go takes time – release your mind from institutional to network thinking.

Quotable: “As you are sharing… you are building a reputation. And when you are giving away information, content and support, you haven’t lost any of it… However much you give away and however much you share, you still have everything”


Although he is incredibly boring in the beginning, he picks up and it becomes a good intro for those trying to convert from traditional to digital policies!

What I didn’t get to on Wednesday (Updated):

Unraveling the Social Web:

Tips across networks: be relevant, engaging; externally focused; Listening v bullhorn; don’t sell, share!; be human; write well!

3 ways to Capitalize using Social Media: The three ways Eric Tsai proposes are

1. Exposing your personality (don’t just be a brand, show some character!)

2. Drive engagement and visibility (get yourself out there, talk with people, but don’t get annoying)

3. Leverage Multimedia (all the media are online, use them!)

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