Video-Story recap

My story is about, an online platform launched in the fall of 2008 that helps to finance journalists on certain stories by crowd funding. Crowd funding is one of the many new ways Journalists are exploring to keep Journalism alive and maintain a living. I mainly use an interview with David Cohn, the founder of to relate the company to the future of news.

In the story, to introduce the idea of funding a story through the audience and how it is related both to the decline of newspapers and the future of the journalistic profession, using David Cohn’s responses. My goal was to show that the “death” of newspapers doesn’t mean the death of Journalism and that young journalists and older ones alike should not give up on the profession.

I think I have met this goal, because I feel I was able to portray and the idea of crowdfunding as an alternative source of income for journalists.

During the work on the assignment I learned more technical understanding and got a new view on my own work, which go hand in hand. Working with the flip camera for the first time, I really realized that the use of simple equipment can be enough to tell a good story. I also realized that my desire for perfectionism on images is unnecessary. It is good to have quality pictures, but when the goal is to tell a story, artistic quality might contribute, but it is not necessary for the story.

If I had to redo the assignment, I would probably try to focus even more on the idea of crowdfunding and less on an individual enterprise. I would try to find a way to visualize “crowdfunding” more effectively, however, I don’t want to simply use any crowd. I would also try to find somebody  could interview personally, which would cause less trouble with sending files and converting video etc.

    • sew28
    • June 1st, 2009

    Well done! I enjoyed the sharpness of your images and the clarity of your audio. I think you did well with your b-rolls so to keep the video engaging for the viewers while you interviewed David.

    I’m glad you mentioned in your summary if you could change anything you would focus more on the idea of crowdfunding rather than an individual person’s enterprise. I agree!

    I would have liked to see other people’s approach to the concept, but overall I can tell you put a lot of effort into this!

    Good job.

  1. Nice feature with Dave, Paul!

    (1) not sure what was floating in the water or why
    (2) good framing of yourself — it would have provided visual variety if one of the shots had been “face forward” instead of from the side. (Think back to the video I showed in class that focused on perspective)
    (3) the export isn’t “full screen” — in other words, your image is smaller than it needs to be. what were you using to edit?
    (4) good closing image of the URL!

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