Story – boarding

Currently preparing story board for the piece on community-funded journalism. Check out David Cohn’s answers beforehand here

Story: example of crowd-funded journalism, one of new biz models.
Here goes the plan for the video with the very roughly estimated time.

Segment 1 – Introd (7-10 s.)
Visual: me, “host”
audio: pcbritz, reporting for Com466 “Future of News” – “Where’s my Paycheck?”

Seg 2 – story (15s.)
visual: shots of newspaper stacks, paper in the trash/on the street/sth alike, paper “sellboxed” downdown.
VO: more and more newspapers “drowning” (continue metaphor throughout story?), Seattle just lost PI, Journalists scared about journalism as democratic institution and the survival (“keep afloat?”) of their own paycheck.

Seg 3 – (7-10)
visual: host
audio: not a time to give up, many new news experiments, crowdfunding one of them

Seg 4 – (David Intro-piece: 10-15)
visual: David speaking at public event (do I need permission from other news source for this if I use their material?)
audio: his voice for a moment, then VO: David Cohn, founder of is one of the pioneers in developing crowd-funded journalism – relying on donations by readers

alternative Seg 4
visual: his interview
audio: “if newspapers stopped today, journalism would continue”(David)
VO: David Cohn, founder of is one of the pioneers in this quest. He’s a hands-off man and so he is  a model of crowd-funded journalism – relying on donations by readers

Seg 5 – (5-7)
visual: host (could be replaced by starting with SEG 6 visual to give more time for “seeing” the way its done
audio: site is funded by the knight foundation to start with, but Cohn has raised 20.000 to fund stories since launch in November 08.

Seg 6 – (25)
visual: somebody clicking through website (main page, donation bars, one story already completed).
VO: Concept is easy: people can pitch story on the website and the “crowd” can figure out what they like. Thus only the stories people really want will be reported, like XY (trash story?). Then they “invest” money in a story and an extra buck to keep the site alife if they want to, most do. If the story is sold, people get their credit back.

Seg 7 – (5)
visual: host
audio: Cohn says there will not be ONE business model to save journalism

Seg 8 – (10)
visual: Dave interview, (come up with some other visuals?)
audio:”Think of crowd-funding as one piece of wood. We need a bunch of pieces and we need to tie them together with a rope – and that will be the raft.”

Seg 9 – (7)
visual: host
audio: For future journalists worried about their paycheck, cohn recommends following your passion:

Seg 10 – (15)
visual: interview
audio: “in know this sounds counter-intuitive, but I think the people who are the least concerned with securing their future will actually end up having the most secure future (12s) OR “In a competitive marketplace (which it is right now), people who are hiring are looking for people who are motivated not by just making a livng, but by ehhm.. who are purely motivated” (15s) OR “find something that does inspire you so you can then make a name for yourself in that and then you’ll be able to secure a living doing that – (at least that’s how my career has gone) (11s)

Seg 11 – (5)
visual: me /or Logo? / fadeout with link
audio: to see the complete interview with DAvid Cohn, go to!

  1. Hi, Paul:

    Detailed storyboard!

    (1) I don’t think you want to make this as formal as “reporting for com466” — seems forced

    (2) Suggest you start with #2 …. in segment 3, tell us who you are and why you care about this story (and not because it’s an assignment!). Next time we see you should be #9 … voice overs, not talking head!

    (3) Who owns the material in Segment 4?

    (4) I would call David a ‘hands-on’ man … so I’m not sure what you are trying to say with “hands-off”

    (5) Closing image …. website? Someone reading iPhone? Then yes, fade to URL is smart.

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