Top Ten of News-Related Tweets I Follow

Talking Heads:

If you run a country, you generate a lot of news… and you better tweet what’s going on with you (or have somebody who does it for you). I’m following the tweets of the head of states of Germany and the US, Angela Merkel (@Merkel_CDU) and Obama (@BarackObama), just to see what they’re up to.

Update: Turns out @Merkel_CDU is one of many fake acounts for the German chancellor. NOT funny!

Similar to those bigshots, I follow the United Nations (@united_nations), because I am interested in international relations.

Although these are not technically journalistic profiles, they deliver important news.

Images of the World:

I’m a photo guy and the fact that I have not seen any photo features on Twitter up until now makes me a little sad. I will keep looking, but until then I have a couple of relted Tweets to follow: @Getty Editorial is the Tweet of Getty Images, a photo agency that is actually headquartered here in Seattle. They mostly link to cool photos and related stories. The same is true for Magnum (@magnumphotos) and the National Geographic Society (@NatGeoSociety).

Closely linked to photography is visual design. @DesignNewz has cool info about tutorials like this tutorial on Photoshop or other top design issues

Standard National & International News Sources:

What is interesting to people is partially determined by where they live – or where they’re from. I’m following the top news of public broadcast on TV @tagesschau and the headlines in a major German paper @faz_topnews. Both feature national as well as international news. Although @reuters_topnews claims to deliver news from all around the world, their focus is of course the USA.

The Future of Journalism

The news organizations of yesterday are looking today for the journalists of the future. To see what kinds of jobs people offer around the world and see what trends determin the professional world of journalism I follow the tweet of @Journalismjobs

I’m still new to the Twitterverse and haven’t found travel journalists and many photographers yet, but I’m working on it! Do you have suggestions?

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