Media Exposure Self Screening: Day 3

6:30 – 7:00 am: listened to the radio. News value: KEXP plays the weirdest music.

11:00 – 12: watch presentation about Google Earth. I’ve never used Google Earth before. This could be an interesting learning tool. News values: 1. Google Earth is cool. 2. Seeing the world (Seattle area) through Google Earth.

5pm: watch 5 minutes of the NCAA (because my roommate has the game on and I ate a sandwich in the living room). News: Michigan in the lead.

5:05pm – 6pm: listen to the BS audio comments of the NCAA commentators while working on my desk in the adjoining room. News value: Although it is not new, it reinforces my opinion about sports reporting.

5:10pm: Go on facebook and find out I was invited to a party tonight. Too bad, I missed the news. Feels like bying an old paper!

9:20 – 9:40: skimmed the RSS-Feeds of the last two days and read little bits of articles: Obama in Europe, Iowa allows gay marriage, controversial family law in Afghanistan, Obama opens Cuba, Google wants to buy Twitter??

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