Media Exposure Self Screening: Day 1

4 am: turned on the radio getting ready, got annoyed, turned it ot back off immediately; checked flight information online

5 am: Checked out flight information on airport information screen

6am: airport, flight information shouted over terminal speakers… everyone’s, but mine –> SPAM!

7am: looked over seat neighbors shoulder to take a peek at Seattle Times headline (and forgot it immediately, but remembered that Microsoft was on page two)

7:10 am: talked to seat neighbor about weather forecast he heard this morning: Spokane supposedly has snow. Shit! Information I didn’t want! –> SPAM

around 9am: watch intro for a movie in graphics department office

11:30 – 3pm (on and off): watch lifestream of shooted footage on director’s screen (hey, this is fun!)

4:20pm: watch newspaper front pages of people sitting in front of me: USA Today, New York Times. Abandon that and read my book.

5:07 pm:  weird charity talks to me in passing telling me it just takes a moment so safe the hungry –> SPAM, Firewall secure!

6:30 – 8:20pm: crash on the couch and join my roomie watching Dexter in a coma-like state

9:10 – 10:45: run Winamp, run!

9:12-9:15: skim through Daily’s daily email headlines, scroll over all the boring stuff (mostly sports), get cuaght on the article about wasting time on twitter. Feel I just wasted three minutes of my life. Once Again.

9:18: quick look at Fulbright Listserv

10:16-10:18: skim RSS-Reader headings of Reuters “Top” news. Boring!

10:18-28: Skim Tagesschau RSS-Reader “Top” news. Read tiny snitbits: London riots, Mexican economy; a German right wing political party; Broadband in Germany (covers 57% of households and is fastest-growing in Europe); Gruner & Jahr (German publisher, biggest in Europe) has significant loss in ad-money

10:28-30 Skim Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitungs RSS-Reader, “Rhein-Main”-Version: University of Mainz has less incoming students; photo-exhibit of US-photographer in Frankfurt. I follow the actual link to the article. It has no pictures and I don’t know the photographer –> boring, close window!

10:3oish pm: read daily newsletter from “The Writer’s Almanac”. It’s the birthday of Hans Christian Anderson &  Giacomo Casanova! “Shift+Del”.

10:54-59: Watch Die Happy‘s video “Peaches” on youtube before going to bed

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